Site Support Services / New Site Support

Prior to the de-regulation of the electricity & gas supply industry, the process of organising a new supply, upgraded supply or meter installation was relatively straightforward – you spoke to your local or monopoly supplier and they managed the entire process for you to completion.

Now, however, these local or monopoly suppliers have been “carved up” into separate distribution, supply and metering companies and, even when common ownership does exist, you will need to deal with a multitude of different divisions and companies in order to achieve the required solution – often as part of a parallel process.

Most clients find some, if not all of this, extremely challenging, which is why Informed have developed a strong service offering to complement our other energy procurement services. This capability extends to cover:

  • Existing site supply upgrades.
  • Existing site meter upgrades.
  • New site supply provisioning.
  • New site meter installations.
  • Relocate existing meter(s).
  • Reconnections and / or Disconnections.
  • AMR (Auto Meter Read) meter installations.

In more detail, the following practical support will be provided:

  • A project manager will be allocated to agree the specific site support required, and the preferred timescales for completion.
  • The project manager will source and complete all the required paperwork.
  • They will also co-ordinate the supplier(s), distribution companies and M&E engineers as required.

The benefits of this support include:

  • End-to-end project management.
  • Retention of experts who understand the industry processes, timelines and have strong relationship with DNOs, suppliers and meter operators and can therefore minimise both the timescales involved and the involvement of our clients.

Informed recognizes that our clients are unique businesses with individual requirements. For this reason, we agree a tailored Service Level Agreement with all of our clients so that our commitment to delivering an appropriate suite of services is fully transparent to both parties.